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Good environment can make people feel happy and fit.To improve the environment means to improve our life.We should plant trees and flowers around us.We shouldn’t cut them down.We should stop factories from pouring waste water into the river and waste gas into the air.Whenever we see litter on the ground,we should pick it up and throw it into dusbins.Never spit in public.Don’t draw on public walls.It’s our duty to protect the environmentwww.egvchb.cn防采集请勿采集本网。


My Day Today is Monday.I get up at 6:00.I have my breakfast at about 6:30.Then I clean my room,我的妹妹、哥哥和我看电视,晚上8点。然后我洗我的脸和我的牙齿刷。我10点上床睡觉。我今天很高兴!

小学英语作文范文【我的妹妹】篇一  I have a little sister,is the aunt's daughter,this two and a half years old,big eyes,black eyes,long eyelashes,angry,crooked head,eyes wide,but see you,happy eyes narrowed.Her jet-black hair,small nose,a good sense of smell.She is very beautiful,saw her mother dress,put on her dress and her mother than,then walk model step.She also loves to let Grandma with red ribbon to her with a small braids.

我的生日英语作文50词一:My birthday Today I had held a fantastic birthday party at home which was just unforgetable.we sang birthday song,danced with each other and played a sea of

  Sister 's fight with me.Pen to fight with me,the book also to fight with me,if I do not give,she followed the ass with me.Dad said:" is not a thing.Give her!" I feel younger sister is really" trouble",reluctantly to her.

Nobody can get through life without friends.I'm no exception.I met my best friend Sunny in a cram school during our last year of junior high school.We prepared for the high school entrance

  She is" learning to love," cried every day to carry bag to school,also mimicking my homework.


  My sister is not satisfied with what,you will cry,will roll.Once,she asked to see the "cat and mouse",we do not make,she was lying on the floor,he had to let go of" cat and mouse",she" bass" to climb up to look,I also took the opportunity to look at the past,saw the mouse tease the cat,we laughed.

Introduce myself My name is Rita.I am a beautiful girl.And I am a 我在第一小学是一名学生。我在三年级三班。在我们班,我有许多朋友。他们对我很友好。我还喜欢打篮球。这就是我-一个快乐的女孩!

  Sister to eat so hard.When having a meal,I took the chopsticks,she also want chopsticks; I get a spoon,she also want to scoop.My mouth to eat,but she has little stuttering.Her every time.It will take at least thirty minutes,also eat while watch tv.

  Sister sometimes very cute.She often took advantage of my dad,mom is not in,shouted:" down with funny uncle,aunt!" Sometimes down herself!My father got good stuff to coax her,and put up his hand,she followed the hands and shouted:" uncle,dad is not good!" We all laughed.She is so cute and innocent.

  This is my sister,a very" trouble",and like children.

小学英语作文范文【我的妹妹】篇二  I have a sister. Her name is Alice . She is one year old. She has short hair. She has a fat face. It looks like a big red apple. She has big eyes and a small mouth. She has only one tooth, but she can eat cookies. Her arms and legs are fat, too. But she can crawl very fast on the floor.


  My sister is very naughty. She doesn't sleep at night but sleeps at daytime. So my mother is tired to take care of her. She always crawls here and there, sofa, bed, chair, everywhere she likes to go. She likes to play with the toys. Bricks are her favourite. She likes to make different shapes with the bricks. Sometime it's a house, sometimes it's a bus. I think she is a smart girl. She likes to play with me. She likes my story-telling. She always asks me to tell stories for her.


  There is a cartoon “Present Sheep and Mr. Wolf” on TV. My sister likes it so much. Every time when I turn on the TV, she always says “present sheep” to me, asks me to watch the cartoon. And every time she hears the theme song of the cartoon, she will sing and dance on the floor. Actually she can not sing and dance, she just shakes her little body to show us she likes it very much. She is so cute.


  My sister is smooth-tongued. She likes to call me “sister”, call my dad “daddy”, call my mom “mummy”. She often call us many times a day.


  In my eyes, my sister is naughty, lovely and smart. I like her.


小学英语作文范文【我的妹妹】篇三  Hello, everyone! I’m so glad to tell you something about my sister, whose name is Vane. She is 12 years old, she’s one year younger than me. She has two big eyes, a small mouth and long hair. Everyone who saw her always said she was very beautiful.

  In my eyes, she is smart and funny. On weekends, I often listen to music with Vane. Vane’s favorite singing star is Vae. His Chinese name is Xu Song. But my favorite singing star is Vision. Vision’s Chinese name is Wei Chen. Vae and Vision are great singers. After that, we often go shopping. We all like shopping very much. Vane likes eating candies. I like candies, too. Because they’re so sweet. We all like sweet food. On the one hand, Vane and I are sisters, on the other hand, we’re friends, too.

  Maybe you can’t imagine what a good girl she is, but it’s my pleasure to have such an excellent sister.




When I was 4 years old,my mother told me that she was going to have a baby,then I have a sister.At first,I hate my sister,because my mother cares about her all the time,I feel I am ignored.But now,my sister plays with me,I am not lonely any more.She helps me a lot,I love my little sister.当我四岁的时候,我的妈妈告诉我她准备生小孩子了,然后我就有了妹妹。一开始,我讨厌我的妹妹,因为妈妈总是关怀着她,我觉得自己被忽略了。但是现在,我的妹妹和我一起玩,我再也不感到孤单了。她帮助我很多,我爱我的小妹妹内容来自www.egvchb.cn请勿采集。

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  • www.egvchb.cn true http://www.egvchb.cn/jiaoyuzige/977/9771611.html report 8162 为您提供全方面的小学英语作文范文【我的妹妹】相关信息,根据用户需求提供小学英语作文范文【我的妹妹】最新最全信息,解决用户的小学英语作文范文【我的妹妹】需求,【导语】我的妹妹是一个非常有意思的小朋友,我的妹妹英语作文大家会写吗?接下来我很荣幸能向你们介绍我的妹妹。本篇文章是爱学网为您整理的《小学英语作文范文【我的妹妹】》,供大家阅读。小学英语作文范文【我的妹妹】篇一  Ihavealittlesister,istheaunt'sdaughter,thistwoandahalfyearsold,bigeyes,blackeyes,longeyelashe
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