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嘿,老弟,不用担心。想知道我怎样学习英语的吗?秘诀就是在日常生活中多接触英语,比如你玩游戏的时候可以增大音量,再如听一些英文歌,如Far away from以及 She和Never say goodbye等,看一些英文电影,还有就是要有兴趣,我学习英语从不看书,只是通过上面的方法来学习。另外还有一中方法可以让你学习英语,那就是树立出国找外国老婆这样一个目标,绝对能帮到你!相信你!相信我!www.egvchb.cn防采集请勿采集本网。

help us(to)learn spoken help us(to)improve our spoken english




别担心. 58.Feel better?好点了吗?59.I love you!我爱你!60.I’m his fan.我是他的影迷. 61.Is it yours?这是你的吗?62.That’s neat.这很好. 63.Are you sure?你肯定吗?64.Do l have to 非做不可吗?65.


4、别担心 don’t worry 5、这是你的吗?is this yours 6、给你 here you are 7、别紧张 take it easy 8、别客气 help yourself 9、保持联系 keep in touch 10、太离谱了 it is going too far 一、【英语






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Make a brief introduction about yourself.

Good morning. I am glad to be here for this interview. First, please let me introduce myself.(主要介绍你是谁,从哪里来,毕业于哪个学校,以前是什么专业的等等。)


The reason why you choose our school / major.

The reason why I choose this university is that...(可以从学校特色、教授、学术环境等角度,谈谈自己对报考学校的兴趣和热爱。)

About the reason why I love this major, since I was a child, I dreamed of being a lawyer / teacher...(主要谈你对这个专业的热爱和理解,以及你对这个专业的见解和看法。)


Introduce meaningful academic activiti es you have done in school.

I have published an academic article on...(介绍你做过的有意义的学术活动,或者某个比赛,或者参加过的某个 project,主要是为了体现你的学术能力。)


Express gratitude to the professors.

I am very happy to be here for an interview, thank you professors for listening.(最后,别忘了向考官礼貌地表达感谢,可以给老师们留下好印象哦。)

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Why do you want to go to graduate school instead of finding a job?

There are several reasons. I have been deeply impressed by the academic atmosphere when I came here last summer. In my opinion, as one of the most famous... in our country, it provides people with enough room to get further enrichment. This is the first reason. The second one is that I am longing for doing research in... throughout my life. It"s a pleasure to be with my favorite... for lifetime. I suppose this is the most important factor in my decision. Thirdly, I learnt a lot from my... job during the past two years. However, I think further study is still urgent for me to realize self-value. Life is precious. It is necessary to seize every chance for self-development, especially in this competitive modern world. In a word, I am looking forward to making a solid foundation for future profession after two years study here.


What"s your plan in 2/3 years time or how are you gonna spend your time in master degree?

First, I hope I can form systematic view of… As for…, my express wish is to get a complete comprehension of the formation and developmen… If possible, I will go on with my study for doctorate degree. In a word, I am looking forward to making a solid foundation for future profession after two years study here.


Could you give me a brief introduction about your hometown?

I am from…, a famous city with a long history over 2,200 years. It is called “Rong Cheng” because there were lots of banians even 900 years ago. The city lies in the eastern part of the province. It is the center of politics, economy and culture. Many celebrities were born here, for instance, Yan Fu, Xie Bingxin, Lin Zexu and so on. You know, there is a saying that "The greatness of a man lends a glory to a place". I think the city really deserves it. In addition, they are known for high quality. Visitors at home and abroad feel it comfortable bathing here. There is my beloved hometown.


What has impressed you most during university? Tell us an affair.

… University is the oldest one in the province. The building area is… square meters. It develops into a comprehensive university with efforts of generations, especially after the reform and opening up. It takes the lead among the… universities with nice teaching and scientific research ability. The library has a storage of… books. Various research institutes are set up including 52 research centers. There are teaching research experimental bases. For example, the computer center, analyzing test center, modern education technical center and so on.


What is your greatest strength? / Do you have any particular merits?

As for my strongest strength, I think it is my carefulness and responsibility in work and study, which promote me unceasingly devote myself to my work. A case in point is that during a bid for a road project, we spent 10 days preparing for the job and everyone was very tired. It was already four o"clock AM. And they all planned to have a rest, but I insisted on a final confirmation of the tender. When doing that, suddenly I found that they had written the numbers oppositely. But when I told them about the mistake, they thought that I was young without any experience, and they could not have made mistakes. To persuade them, I had to take out the original documents. By comparing the two documents, finally they believed that it was a mistake. And we corrected it together. At last, we succeeded. Through this matter, I find that carefulness and responsibility are very important. And I also stick to them in the following work. I think this is my greatest strength.


What did you do during the outbreak of the new coronavirus

The new coronavirus brought the society into a standstill. The government had to extend the Spring Festival holiday. During the outbreak, I strictly complied with the requirements of the government to keep home quarantine. I prepared for the interview seriously, believing that I could get the entrance to the university and that our country could overcome the difficulties and overcome the epidemic. In addition, I have more time to do what I wanted. I kept reading, exercising, keeping a good lifestyle, and getting ready to go back to work.











因为教室布置或者紧张而没有听清老师的提问,是很常见的情况,此时可以礼貌的请老师重复一遍问题。可以对老师说:Sorry I didn"t get the meaning of this question,could you show me again? / Excuse me, I can"t quite follow you. Would you please say it again?







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1.I see.我明白了。2.I quit!我不干了!3.Let go!放手!4.Me too.我也是。5.My god!天哪!6.No way!不行!7.Come on.来吧(赶快)8.Hold on.等一等。9.I agree。我同意。10.Not bad.还不错。11.Not yet.还没。12.See you.再见。13.Shut up!闭嘴!14.So long.再见。14.So long.再见。15.Why not?好呀!(为什么不呢?16.Allow me.让我来。17.Be quiet!安静点!18.Cheer up!振作起来!19.Good job!做得好!20.Have fun!玩得开心!21.How much?多少钱?22.I'm full.我饱了。23.I'm home.我回来了。24.I'm lost.我迷路了。25.My treat.我请客。26.So do I.我也一样。27.This way。这边请。28.After you.您先。29.Bless you!祝福你!30.Follow me.跟我来。31.Forget it!休想!(算了!32.Good luck!祝好运!33.I decline!我拒绝!34.I promise.我保证。35.Of course!当然了!36.Slow down!慢点!37.Take care!保重!38.They hurt.(伤口)疼。39.Try again.再试试。40.Watch out!当心。41.What's up?有什么事吗?42.Be careful!注意!43.Bottoms up!干杯(见底)!44.Don't move!不许动!45.Guess what?猜猜看?46.I doubt it 我怀疑。47.I think so.我也这么想。48.I'm single.我是单身贵族。49.Keep it up!坚持下去!50.Let me see.让我想想。51.Never mind.不要紧。52.No problem!没问题!53.That's all!就这样!54.Time is up.时间快到了。55.What's new?有什么新鲜事吗?56.Count me on 算上我。57.Don't worry.别担心。58.Feel better?好点了吗?59.I love you!我爱你!60.I'm his fan。我是他的影迷。61.Is it yours?这是你的吗?62.That's neat.这很好。63.Are you sure?你肯定吗?64.Do l have to 非做不可吗?65.He is my age.他和我同岁。66.Here you are.给你。67.No one knows.没有人知道。68.Take it easy.别紧张。69.What a pity!太遗憾了!70.Any thing else?还要别的吗?71.To be careful!一定要小心!72.Do me a favor?帮个忙,好吗?73.Help yourself.别客气。74.I'm on a diet.我在节食。75.Keep in Touch.保持联络。76.Time is money.时间就是金钱。77.Who's calling?是哪一位?78.You did right.你做得对。79.You set me up!你出卖我!80.Can I help you?我能帮你吗?81.Enjoy yourself!祝你玩得开心!82.Excuse me,Sir.先生,对不起。83.Give me a hand!帮帮我!84.How's it going?怎么样?85.I have no idea.我没有头绪。86.I just made it!我做到了!87.I'll see to it 我会留意的。88.I'm in a hurry!我在赶时间!89.It's her field.这是她的本行。90.It's up to you.由你决定。91.Just wonderful!简直太棒了!92.What about you?你呢?93.You owe me one.你欠我一个人情。94.You're welcome.不客气。95.Any day will do.哪一天都行。96.Are you kidding?你在开玩笑吧!97.Congratulations!祝贺你!98.T can't help it.我情不自禁。99.I don't mean it.我不是故意的。100.I'll fix you up.我会帮你打点的。101.It sounds great!听起来很不错。102.It's a fine day。今天是个好天。103.So far,so good.目前还不错。104.What time is it?几点了?105.You can make it!你能做到!106.Control yourself!克制一下!107.He came by train.他乘火车来。108.He is ill in bed.他卧病在床。109.He lacks courage.他缺乏勇气。110.How's everything?一切还好吧?111.I have no choice.我别无选择。112.I like ice-cream.我喜欢吃冰淇淋。113.I love this game.我钟爱这项运动。114.I'll try my best.我尽力而为。115.I'm On your side.我全力支持你。116.Long time no see!好久不见!117.No pain,no gain.不劳无获。118.Well,it depends.噢,这得看情况。119.We're all for it.我们全都同意。120.What a good deal!真便宜!121.What should I do?我该怎么办?122.You asked for it!你自讨苦吃!这些是来自李阳疯狂英语“脱口而出900句”,太多了,字数有限发不上来。李阳是个很伟大的导师,虽然他这两年遭吐槽不断—因为他有些自信过溢变自负。不过,不可否认他教英语的强悍能力。有兴趣的话,你可以上网去搜一下他的英语教学内容来自www.egvchb.cn请勿采集。

www.egvchb.cn true http://www.egvchb.cn/seduzx/661998/391972109.html report 16587 为您提供全方面的圆梦南师 | 你担心的英语口语复试,秘诀都在这相关信息,根据用户需求提供圆梦南师 | 你担心的英语口语复试,秘诀都在这最新最全信息,解决用户的圆梦南师 | 你担心的英语口语复试,秘诀都在这需求,原标题:圆梦南师|你担心的英语口语复试,秘诀都在这四月已经悄然步入尾声复试的号角也即将吹响英语口语是复试必过的一关各位考研er准备好了吗?一起看看下面的干货充分准备,查漏补缺胸有成竹地走上考场吧01自我介绍自我介绍是多数英语口语复试过程中的第一环节,主要考察的是考生的口语和英文水平,以及对考生进行初步的了解。在自我介绍中如果能提到一些个性化的特长或是科研经历,就有可能吸引到考官的注意,拿到更理想的
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